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Rome, the eternal city, balanced between history and legend, a journey through millennia, from the
Baths of Caracalla to the Domus Aurea, from the Coliseum to Baroque Rome, to continue on through
to contemporary Rome to be found in the environments of the new and popular districts such as
Trastevere, Testaccio, Ostiense and Garbatella. A city full of excitement, to be experienced day and night. A city to be savoured, with neighbourhood markets full of typical products and the pizzerias to be found on every street corner, with the thousands of restaurants and bars in which to try typical and contemporary cuisine.

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Balanced between history and legend, myth and beauty, Rome continues to keep its fascination and its unparalleled marvels intact. From ancient times to the middle ages, from the baroque to modernity, each period has seen Rome sparkle in its magic splendour of eternal city.
It is possible today to revisit those places which made it immortal, observing it from every point of view, from a new and original perspective, thanks to the open tours of City Sightseeing® Roma. Aboard these open-topped double decker buses, while comfortably seated, you could visit the churches, monuments, the palaces, the piazzas and the streets of Imperial Rome, Christian Rome, Baroque Rome and of Contemporary Rome. An intelligent choice for making best use of the time you have available in a week-end stop over.


This tour requires a full day of your vacation. Due to the high tourist turnout, the queues at the ticket counters can often be endless. It's advisable to purchase your entrance ticket in advance, which allows access to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Gardens.

For Information and Ticket Purchase

St. Peter's Basilica: Admission is free. The Basilica is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Please note that entrance is not permitted to individuals not appropriately dressed.

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The Janiculum. The terrace of Rome.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of a breath-taking view? The panorama to be enjoyed on the terraces of the Janiculum is spectacular! From here, it is possible to recognise the unmistakable dome of the Pantheon, the portentous white marble edifice of the Vittoriano, and much more besides. If then you arrive at the hill at exactly 12 o’clock, a surprise awaits you. Three soldiers, every day, load a canon and fire a sonorous shot which resounds around the whole city! The tradition of the canon dates back to Pope Pius IX who, to avoid confusion over the hour, instituted this service in 1846, and thanks to which all the clocks of the churches in Rome ring in unison.

The magic of Via Piccolomini

Few people know that there is a unique place for looking at the cupola of Saint Peter’s in a completely new and magical way, and that it precisely in “Via Niccolò Piccolomini”. Passing down the road and observing the cupola, you will realise that as you approach the dome, it will seem ever further away. Going in reverse on the other hand, the cupola will seem to grow closer until it becomes enormous. This is due to an optical effect caused by the arrangement of buildings and a perspective which creates an evocative visual effect and a fascinating view of the cupola.
The Pope at the Window is only 1.2 k away from Via Piccolomini and, as it can easily be reached on foot, it could be an ideal place for ending a beautiful evening in the centre, or for a romantic encounter.


If on arrival at “The Pope at the Window” you feel immediately hungry for a perfect pizza, just go down to the street below and it is two steps away, or phone and await delivery to the door. There is a venue where you can enjoy creative, delicious, and high-quality pizza, along with fantastic Roman traditional first courses, wines, and beers from Italy and around the world. The service offers pizzas to take away, or delivered to your home, but it is also an original place with a great atmosphere, where you can also find a comfortable seat. Managed by a hospitable and spontaneous group of young people, who will welcome you even in English! Excellent selection of beers and wine. Open also for lunch.

Rimpizzamose Forno & Cantina
Via Gregorio VII, 387 – 00165 Roma
Tel. +39 06 83935335


It’s a 10-minute walk from our vacation home, near the Vatican City! Quality is meticulously curated, offering dishes from typical Roman cuisine while fully respecting traditions. Honest prices, everything is fresh and homemade. It’s not a tourist restaurant. Limited seating available, so we recommend making a reservation.

Vecchia Osteria del Gelsomino
Via del Gelsomino 68 – 00165 Roma
Tel. +39 06 630750 Mobile +39 335 8150837

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